Our Philosophy

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As local owners, we have a special connection to our community. Your expectations for quality care, safe environment, and enjoying retirement is what we strive for every day – to go over and above – because it’s our family caring for your family.

Who Are We?

Lebensraum Assisted Living has been family-owned and privately managed since 2011. Our staff not only takes pride in caring for our residents, but also in being involved in our community through school, work, and volunteer opportunities.


Meet the Owners

Megan Corona has worked at Lebensraum since 2011, starting as a bath aide and worked her way into ownership of the facility. She got her med aide license, which she still has active, and became office manager in 2014. Megan received her assisted living administrator’s license in 2017 and became co-owner the following year. Megan is married to Oscar and has four children. She enjoys her kids’ activities including baseball, gymnastics, and soccer.

Deb Halm has been involved with Lebensraum since 2011, first as facility manager and then as an owner. For many years, Deb was involved in senior care including marketing and management positions in skilled nursing and memory support facilities. Deb also managed her own retail franchise store where she perfected her focus on customer-service. Deb is married to Rod and has three children and four grandchildren.

Who Lives with Us?

Our residents need a little extra help throughout the day, such as:

  • Monitoring medications
  • Bathing/showering
  • Minor dressing and grooming assistance
  • Meals provided
  • Housekeeping and laundry provided
  • Assistance getting to appointments

How Do We Assist Our Residents?

Every resident is unique – and special to us – and, their needs are unique, and can change over time.

We do a complimentary consultation with input from the resident, their family, and Lebensraum staff, to discuss and evaluate current needs. As needs change, the individual’s plan will be adjusted if necessary. Modifying a resident’s care does not affect their monthly costs.

We offer, without additional fees, the following assistance:

  • Daily vital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature)
  • Nebulizers, oxygen, BIBAP/CPAP
  • Blood sugar checks and/or insulin administration
  • Whirlpool baths (2 per week scheduled, but additional when needed)
  • Injection assistance
  • Specimen collection
  • Wound care assistance
  • Personal checks by a register nurse (RN)
  • Ordering medications and supplies
  • Scheduling medical appointments

These services are included in addition to the everyday assistance from our staff including monitoring medications, bathing/showering, dressing/grooming, meals, housekeeping, and laundry.

Pre-admission Evaluation

Lebensraum offers assisted living and is not a nursing home or skilled care facility. We cannot accept persons requiring daily nursing cares, complex nursing interventions, or anyone with a condition that is considered unstable or unpredictable.

Staff will conduct a pre-admission evaluation to determine if Lebensraum is the right place for you.

Social Activities

Socialization is important to healthy aging. Spending time with others is vital for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Participating in a variety of activities with others at Lebensraum helps our residents share their life’s stories, stay active, and know that they are never alone.

Our community helps ease the burden off family caregivers, who can experience stress, burnout, and financial difficulties.

Your Plan – One Price

Our pricing covers all amenities and services, we do not charge for different “levels of care”.

Lebensraum’s plan covers everything within the monthly price, there are no additional charges for levels of care. That reflects our, Your Plan – One Price.

Most facilities charge additional fees per “level of care” for required services including bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, personal cares, & mobility – Lebensraum does not.

Veteran Benefits

If you are a veteran who served during war time, you and/or your spouse may be eligible for financial assistance paying for Assisted Living expenses.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides pensions for veterans, spouses, and surviving spouses to help pay for long-term care under the Aid and Attendance (housing) program. To discuss the eligibility requirements, please contact the Hall County Veterans’ Services Office at 308-385-5065.

Day Services and Respite Care

Day Services and Respite Care are available (part-time, full-time, or overnight) providing a safe community for loved ones to stay while their caregivers run errands, attend appointments, or complete other tasks.

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